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FILE PHOTO: Microsoft logo is seen on a smartphone placed on displayed Activision Blizzard's games characters in this illustration taken January 18, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo
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Reuters exclusively reported[1] that EU antitrust regulators are asking Microsoft’s (MSFT.O) rivals and customers whether they are affected by the U.S. tech giant’s proposals to gain UK approval for

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Reuters reported[1] that Netflix, a streaming laggard in India, is now eager to tap into the South Indian market. Netflix has a range of Indian films across various regions to showcase, but for TV series — key to keeping

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Reuters revealed[1] Shanghai authorities helped Tesla transport over 6,000 workers and carry out necessary disinfection work to reopen its factory last month amid the city’s lockdown. A


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As artificial intelligence creeps further into people’s daily lives, so do worries about it. At the most alarmist are concerns about AI going rogue[1] and terminating its human masters.

But behind the calls for a pause on the development of AI[2] is a

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Hansen’s disease, also called leprosy[1], is treatable today – and that’s partly thanks to a curious tree and the work of a pioneering young scientist in the 1920s. Centuries prior to her discovery, sufferers had no remedy for leprosy’s debilitating

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Despite many efforts to find better, more effective ways to treat cancer, it remains a leading cause of death by disease[1] among children in the U.S.

Cancer patients are also getting younger. Cancer diagnoses among those under 50 has risen by about 80%

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Weekly_040424 - Syngenta

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Reuters exclusively reported[1] that Chinese authorities nudged Swiss agrichemicals and seeds group Syngenta to withdraw its application for a long-delayed $9 billion IPO in Shanghai on concerns about the impact a sizeable new offering

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Weekly_040424 - Disney

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Reuters exclusively reported[1] that Walt Disney Co secured enough shareholder votes to defeat a challenge against its board mounted by Nelson Peltz’s hedge fund Trian Fund Management.

Market Impact

Over the last few months, Disney

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Weekly_040424 - Boeing

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Reuters exclusively reported[1] that Boeing 737 MAX jetliner production has fallen sharply in recent weeks as U.S. regulators step up factory checks and workers slow the assembly line outside Seattle to complete outstanding work. 

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Children graduate from preschool on Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow

For the first time ever, military schools have begun enrolling students for a new, full-day universal prekindergarten program[1].

The new Department of Defense Education Activity pre-K program is set to start at the beginning of next school year with enrollment and has long been sought[2] by military families, especially those with two working parents, including dual-military couples. Now, 80 of 90 DoDEA schools will host the universal program, with enrollment opened for school starting this fall.

"It really adds a lot more into the support we can provide to military families," Will Griffin, the communications director for DoDEA, told in an interview Thursday.

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Pre-K is already offered at some DoD schools, but not everywhere. In many cases, when it is offered, the program allows only half-day enrollment, leaving many working parents to come up with alternative child care solutions.

The initiative, fueled by $94 million in a defense spending bill passed by Congress[4] last month, is open to all children eligible to attend DoDEA schools who will be 4 years old by Sept. 1. It will follow the widely used early childhood development "Creative Curriculum[5]."

The program is set to open after undergoing a successful pilot program[6] last year at an elementary school at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni[7], Japan, Griffin said.

The 10 schools that will not offer universal pre-K are in the process of undergoing significant renovations or new construction to accommodate future students, Griffin said, adding that DoD schools must adhere to certain facility requirements for hosting elementary school students.

Those schools include four elementary schools at Fort Campbell[8], Kentucky; one at Fort Novosel[9], Alabama; and five additional schools across Europe, including four in Germany and one in Kleine Brogel, Belgium.

The schools that will offer universal pre-K will begin the program 10 days after the start of the regular school year for older students. Griffin said the delayed start will allow additional time for pre-K teacher professional development, and will let teachers and families schedule one-on-one meetings to help children ease into the change.

The DoDEA expects numbers of pre-K enrollment to closely match kindergarten enrollment, which currently hovers around 6,000 students, Griffin said, adding that the bulk of military students are youngsters enrolled in pre-K through fifth grade.

DoDEA is working to add 500 jobs to support the program, including 250 teachers and 250 teaching aides. The student-to-teacher ratio for the program is set at 18 students for every one teacher, with a teaching aide. Teaching aides are "paraprofessionals" and are not required to have a teaching degree or license.

Roughly 80% of new pre-K staff have been hired so far, Griffin said.

Details on the delayed school openings and student registration can be found on the DoDEA website[10]. Registration is open and will not close, though early enrollment is encouraged.

-- Kelsey Baker is a graduate student at Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, and a former active-duty Marine. Reach her on X at @KelsBBaker or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.[11].

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© Copyright 2024 All rights reserved. This article may not be republished, rebroadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without written permission. To reprint or license this article or any content from, please submit your request here[13].

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After 2 years of training, these three service members are part of NASA's 2024 astronaut graduate class and are ready for space. Find out what it took to get there.

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Ten people in flight suits wave in a warehouse. A large U.S. flag is displayed behind them.After learning Russian and robotics and training in jets and spacesuits over the past two years, NASA's newest astronauts are ready to take a giant leap forward for space exploration.  

Chosen from a pool of more than 12,000 applicants, eight of the 10

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Must-See Celeb Sightings: November 2023Bre Tiesi[1] made a shocking reveal following her admission that she hooked up with Michael B. Jordan[2]

During a season 7 episode of Selling Sunset, the real estate agent sat with her co-stars, Amanza Smith, Emma Hernan and Chrishell Stause, and implied


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Must-See Celeb Sightings: November 2023Dean McDermott[1] is shedding more light on his decision to take to Instagram and announce the end of his marriage[2] to Tori Spelling[3], and how the spur-of-the-moment decision was a cry for help.

"My worst memory with Tori is that last fight when I was


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Ronna McDaniel speaks at the committee's winter meeting in Dana Point, Calif.“Frankly,” he said, “I don’t think there’s any way in the world you can get a two-thirds vote to replace her.”

Lori Hinz, the North Dakota national committee woman who also opposed McDaniel’s reelection campaign, said she has been hearing from


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Federalist Society Executive Vice President Leonard Leo speaks.Leo presides over a multi-billion-dollar network of tax-exempt nonprofit groups and has used it, in part, to organize campaigns over the past decade to install the Supreme Court’s conservative majority.

American for Public Trust is a nonprofit group run by


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Kari Lake speaks.Her biggest attempted detente so far is with Karrin Taylor Robson, her 2022 primary opponent whom she once strongly insinuated was a gold digger using her husband’s money to try to buy Arizona’s governorship.


Lake and Robson met in Phoenix in late

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A research team has unearthed new findings which may help explain the connection between cancer risk and poor diet, as well as common diseases like diabetes, which arise from poor diet. The insights gained from this study hold promise for advancing cancer prevention strategies aimed at promoting healthy aging.
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Machine learning (ML) enables the accurate and efficient computation of fundamental electronic properties of binary and ternary oxide surfaces, as shown by scientists. Their ML-based model could be extended to other compounds and properties. The present research findings can aid in the screening of surface properties of materials as well as in the development of functional materials.
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A study showed that a genetic predisposition for higher muscle strength predicts a longer lifespan and a lower risk for developing common diseases. This is a highly comprehensive international study on hereditary muscle strength and its relationship to morbidity. The genome and health data of more than 340,000 Finns was used in the research.
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SAN ANTONIO -- The West got a little wilder on Friday night.

With the Denver Nuggets' 121-120 loss to the San Antonio Spurs, coupled with wins by the Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timberwolves, there's now a three-way tie atop the Western Conference

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LAS VEGAS -- The prospects for a Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz trilogy are very much alive.

Diaz said Friday that he believes there is no doubt he will fight McGregor one more time. The two big stars fought twice in the UFC in 2016, with Diaz winning

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PHILADELPHIA -- Surviving both a Joel Embiid injury scare and a fourth-quarter push by the Orlando Magic, the Philadelphia 76ers took a significant step toward escaping the Eastern Conference play-in picture with a 125-113 victory over the Magic here at

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Thousands of earthquakes in recent weeks have shaken the Icelandic fishing town of Grindavík, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) southwest of the capital Reykjavik. They have triggered evacuations and warnings that a volcanic eruption may be imminent.

While the idea of magma rising was no doubt scary for tourists visiting the nearby Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, which was closed as a precaution, Iceland’s residents have learned over centuries to live with their island’s overactive geology.

So, why is Iceland so volcanically active?

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A row of monopiles that will be the base for offshore wind turbines, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, Mass. David L Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

As renewable energy production expands across the U.S., the environmental impacts of these new sources are receiving increased attention. In a recent report, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine examined whether and how constructing offshore wind farms in the Nantucket Shoals region, southeast of Massachusetts, could affect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. The Conversation asked marine scientists Erin L. Meyer-Gutbrod, Douglas Nowacek, Eileen E. Hofmann and Josh Kohut, all of whom served on the study committee, to explain the report’s key findings.

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PFAS, the “forever chemicals” that have been raising health concerns across the country, are not just a problem in drinking water. As these chemicals leach out of failing septic systems and landfills and wash off airport runways and farm fields, they can end up in streams that ultimately discharge into ocean ecosystems where fish, dolphins, manatees, sharks and other marine species live.

We study the risks from these persistent pollutants in coastal environments as environmental analytical chemists at Florida International University’s Institute of the Environment.

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The primitive hate on display in the streets around the globe cries out for a Final Solution to the Jewish Problem.

It is time to end the Jewish Problem once and for all.

Both the problem and solution are simple, and this instruction can be short.   

The decision and responsibility for it are yours.

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First one bank announced it will only accept digital currency.

Now the Reserve Bank of Australia has announced it is heading into digital currency.

As the moth is to the flame, so are the follies of man.

Artificial intelligence and the next level of quantum computing will render passwords and encryption efforts obsolete.

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The point of having a nation of laws is twofold: (a) you know how to prosper, and (b) you know how to stay out of jail.

The persecution of President Trump has revealed a new threat of charlatan prosecutors and agency administrators cobbling together disparate statutes which the media kindly calls “innovative”, “artful” or “novel” interpretations or constructions.

But these recombinations are actually new laws because they are the nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and contexts in criminal statutes, strung together in new combinations to create newly criminalized conduct after a citizen has engaged in some conduct.

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On Wednesday, Oct. 25, Hurricane Otis made landfall near Acapulco, on Mexico’s southern Pacific coast, at 1:25 a.m. CDT as a Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 165 mph. The storm had rapidly intensified off the coast, and according to the National Hurricane Center, Otis was the strongest hurricane in the Eastern Pacific to make landfall in the satellite era

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Mitch began as a tropical storm over the southwestern Caribbean Sea on October 22, 1998, and strengthened to a hurricane by the 24th. Mitch then rapidly strengthened, becoming a monster Category 5 hurricane with a central pressure of 905 mb on the 26th. To this day, Mitch still ranks as the second-strongest October hurricane on record and remains tied for the eighth-most intense of any Atlantic hurricane on record.

Mitch made landfall in Honduras as a much weaker Category 1 hurricane, but it battered the offshore islands with high winds, waves and storm surge. The greatest impact, however, was from the widespread heavy rain and severe flooding in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador that left thousands dead or missing and caused tremendous property, infrastructure and crop damage in Central America.

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Scorching temperatures have put millions of Americans in danger this summer, with heat extremes stretching from coast to coast in the Southern U.S.

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