China News

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  1. 'I don't trust anything the Chinese say—not a word,' says U.S. lawmaker as agencies struggle to get clear data from the Chinese regime.
  2. A spike in infection cases, primarily affecting children, has occurred in various places in China, with severe instances culminating in white lung or even death. These vulnerable groups have been hit hardest by the epidemic, and almost all of them are Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Young Pioneers subjected to the regime’s oppressive policies. Starting from […]
  3. A professor at Tokyo Medical University said Mycoplasma pneumonia is a rare cause of severe illness in contrast to the current infection in China.
  4. China affairs commentator Qin Peng says statement shows the CCP is afraid and turning to diplomacy amid another disease outbreak.
  5. Is de-dollarization becoming a reality? Will the king dollar lose its reign? A number of news outlets are raising this question: is the U.S. dollar losing its dominance? The dollar is heading for its worst month in a year, barreling toward a 3.7 percent loss this month against six major currencies. At the same time, […]